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Training Seminar: Selling the Value of Your EU Public Affairs Work & Function

Training Seminar Hybrid / In-person

Selling the Value of Your EU Public Affairs Work & Function

18 April 2024
9:30-12:30 CET

This training session on Public Affairs core skills will look at something that is sometimes overlooked, but is critical to your success – how you sell the value of your public affairs work and team. Every public affairs professional needs to demonstrate the impact of their work internally – but how do you do this most effectively? This session will look at how to measure, visualize and communicate public affairs impact, value and ROI to ensure your work is (more) effectively understood and valued by your organization.

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Join this program to discuss with experts and your peers:

  • What are the different types of impact a public affairs function/role can have, and how can you assess and measure them?
  • What reporting / dashboards tactics and approaches should you use, and what are the objectives / KPIs that bring the measured value to life in ways your organization will understand and appreciate?
  • What is some of the best practice in communicating value and ROI in an organization and to your senior leadership?
  • Building an internal education-visibility-recognition strategy to improve your internal standing.
Alan Hardacre
Founder of
Professor and Author

Dr Alan Hardacre is a well-recognized expert in the field of Public Affairs with a long history of teaching, and writing about, Public Affairs. He is the founder of the Public Affairs Clinic and a co-founder of These two businesses are dedicated to helping clients structure and organise their Public Affairs work to maximise their chances of advocacy success. Alan has provided this service for CropLife Europe; FiscalNote, Kindred Group and the International Trade Center amongst others.

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Alan Hardacre
Founder of
Professor and Author


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Others: €495 + VAT if applicable

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