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Nov 29
As we become more connected globally, cyber security matters to every industry. As such, public affairs professionals must monitor and address issues such as data protection and cyber threat response. What do you need to know to protect your company?
Nov 29
Business is planning for the next year in the last quarter of each year, and public affairs teams are no exception. In this roundtable, we’re going to discuss how to identify the priorities, KPIs, and action items for your government affairs and stakeholder work in 2018.
Dec 11
Interested in learning how to get the most out of your Council membership? Join us for a member orientation to get up to speed about all of the Council’s major services. This session will be held via webinar.
Dec 12
Organizations whether big or small are always trying to be more “strategic”, but too often that phrase rings hollow. Employees and their managers may feel that being more strategic is just a euphemism for doing more with less, but thinking strategically can actually push your organization and team forward.

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