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Impact – February 2024


February 2024

In the face of all the attention on the presidential race, college basketball, and Taylor Swift’s upcoming album, don’t forget that March is a hugely consequential month for congressional primaries. Read about the critical races fast approaching.

Winners are recognized for campaigns to improve air travel accessibility for people living with disabilities, help fight period poverty, and lobby for the Mexican aviation industry to regain its Category 1 status. Read their stories.


What happens when you pursue a certificate? You get a professional development playbook, a path to career advancement and much more. Let our certificate curriculum steer you toward your 2024 goals.

In June, Europeans will be electing leaders of their respective countries as well as members to represent them in the European Parliament. Will euroskeptics and the trend toward nationalist and populist sentiments have an impact at the polls? How should public affairs professionals in Europe and the U.S. be preparing?

Bristol Myers Squibb’s director of alliance development and state government affairs, Northeast region, discusses how his time as a desk clerk at a Beverly Hills hotel helped prepare him for a career in public affairs, what he learned working in the Senate Press Gallery, and why it’s fun to run up skyscrapers as a competitive stair climber.


This is a can’t-miss event for PAC practitioners. Join us for 40+ experts, 25 sessions, 8+ hours of networking and the warm temps of Fort Lauderdale.

Reputational risk is an increasingly important concern to business leaders and the public affairs professionals who work with them. A new study of senior executives from 20 countries finds that while there is more awareness of the potential cost of this risk, confidence in responding effectively has fallen. Read on for what’s driving this trend.

Your public affairs peers have taken on new roles at StubHub, National Music Publishers’ Association, Rational 360 and BNY Mellon, to name a few. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest moves in the profession.

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Published February 2024
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