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Impact – December 2023


December 2023

There has never been a time when more misinformation, disinformation and outright fakery has been so rampant, making it hard at times to distinguish between AI’s threats and its opportunities. Read our tips for arming yourself to recognize fact vs. fake.

After the red wave that wasn’t in the 2022 midterms and previous Election Day surprises, should we trust the polls? While it’s wise to look at them with some skepticism, Nathan Gonzales explains why overreacting might mean we “miss the story that polling is trying to tell.”


We’re gathering 350+ of your PAC peers and 40 experts for 25 sessions and 8+ hours of networking, plus the warm temps of Fort Lauderdale. This is a can’t-miss event for PAC practitioners building a new program or evolving an established one. Register by Jan. 18 to save!

How concerned are Americans that disinformation from foreign governments will affect the 2024 elections? Do women put more value in individual rights or the common good? And how does that compare with the findings for men? Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Laura Horsley digs into some of the more surprising findings from the 2023 Pulse Survey.

Target’s senior vice president of risk and government affairs discusses why policy and communications are integral parts of managing risk, the evolving nature of stakeholders, and how GOTV efforts have changed since he worked for the Obama-Biden campaign in 2008.


Give your team year-round, unlimited professional development in 2024 with Membership Plus+. This member benefit gives your entire organization access to over 45 Council workshops annually for a flat price of $3,000 in addition to your normal membership dues.

Research shows that jobs for DEI officers rose 170% from 2019 to 2022, followed by sharp declines beginning in the second half of 2022. This is in part due to a slowing economy, but the results have made workers less engaged in their work. Read more for where this trend might be headed.

Stay in the loop with your public affairs network. With moves to American Chemistry Council, U.S. Bank and Nestlé North America, to name a few, keep up with what your peers are up to and where they’re landing.

EDITOR: Alan Pell Crawford
ART DIRECTOR: Conrad Tolosa
ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Madalyn Flood, Helen Taylor
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Karla Chiang-Solis

Published December 2023
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