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Impact – May 2022

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People are leaving their jobs in search of something better, and it’s not always about more money. Read on for how to make your work culture satisfying and stimulating, and how smart companies are enticing women who left the workforce during the pandemic to come back.

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Are Republicans headed for a wave or a tsunami during the midterm elections? Nathan Gonzales examines the handful of races to keep an eye on as we edge closer to November.

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i360: Winning Made Easier

From the most accurate data to the latest tech, i360 is your one-stop solution for advocacy & public affairs.

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Ford’s U.S. manufacturing policy director recounts what she learned from the late congressman John Dingell when she worked on his staff early in her career and shares insights into the complex process of policymaking.

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Guest author Monica Almond, Ph.D., shares how to avoid the “blindspots” of cultural stereotypes and tips for recognizing and mitigating bias before it takes root in your organization.

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Exceptional Leadership Starts Here

Join us! Prominent public affairs executives will discuss how they’ve adjusted their approaches to leadership as expectations of business have increased.

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There’s a good chance you’re fluent in “yogababble” and aren’t even aware of it. That’s because it’s been “codified” into corporate culture. Keep reading for how to quiet the babble.

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The Council’s job board is the place to find public affairs jobs from around the world and across industries. This issue we spotlight jobs focused on managing increased expectations and navigating complex policy implications.