Government Affairs Director

28 Apr, 2020


Government Affairs Director

Beijing, China

RC-CN RO GA Director – Shanghai/Nanjing

Mission/ Position Headline:

  • Acting as a business enabler to proactively co-create and drive business values with regulatory resources, RGM plays an active role to foster Siemens image and make Siemens a trusted and reliable partner for government and business stakeholders in defined regions.

Areas of Responsibility:

Position Siemens by leveraging Unique Selling Points (USP) to create, expand and defend market and to mitigate regulatory risks:

  • Represent the company towards government, media and customers e.g. public speech, keynote presentation;
  • Advise on critical issues of regional political and economic development e.g. local growth priorities and future investment/project focus;
  • Coordinate and set up political dialogues for executive management e.g. schedule and organize meetings and draft briefing documents; etc.;

Drive regulatory advocacy for Siemens position to leverage policy benefits for business growth

  • Acquire insights of key government initiatives and policies e.g. monitor, analyze and lobby key growth-relevant policies;
  • Drive advocacy for Siemens position as thought leader in local context e.g. meet with officials to promote Siemens views and USPs;
  • Engage local government on topics with important business interest e.g. lead policy dialogue with regulators on working level;
  • Support leverage of regulatory funding e.g. acquire government subsidies

Grow business by driving and supporting focus projects with government

influence (G2B) to enhance their Go / Hit-Rate:

  • Identify and shape emerging projects through governmental resources e.g. acquire provincial/municipal key project list – top down opportunities;
  • Co-create unique selling points to promote tangible business interests e.g. elaborate policy needs and help to create business ideas;
  • Drive focus projects as jointly defined with business teams e.g. concise Task
  • Summary and project pipeline, initiate actions echoing to support needs;
  • Support executive selling to key accounts and cross-business projects e.g. bridge customer contacts and set agenda for high level customer visits.

Dimension of Function/Volume: Reports to RC-CN RO RGMs

Contacts (internal/external):


1) OpCo/StraCo BU, Strategy and regional business responsible;

2) RO/GA community across regions.


1) Government officials of defined regional authorities and institutions

2) Selected associations and customers as aligned with business

  • Experience 8-10 years of relationship management with authorities, or within an industrial sector e.g. Energy;
  • Experience in dealing with large infrastructure projects e.g. power plant, metro lines;
  • Strong interpersonal and influential skill; High impact consultancy and driving by values;
  • At least 5 years of working experiences in multinational companies.

Education & Training

  • Bachelor degree or above, overseas study and work experience preferred.


  • Strong understanding of Siemens portfolios and markets
  • Excellent analytical & communication skill;
  • Excellent understanding of Chinese Government process/thinking;
  • Very good command of English;
  • Strong understanding of Siemens internal interworking process and business strategies;
  • Computer skills with MS office systems.

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Job posted: 2020-04-28