Fenway Health
Washington, DC


Reporting to the President & Chief Executive Officer, the Vice President for Government Relations is principally responsible for the development and management of strategies to build Fenway Health’s presence at the city, state and federal level on issues and in the areas of interest to the organization and to advise on legislative matters that may affect it.  The Vice President will monitor legislation and public policy issues, and advise the President & CEO and Senior Management Team on their potential impact on Fenway Health’s organizational health. In addition, the VP will be alert to opportunities to make use of federal or state funds and policies to support Fenway Health activities. The VP will mediate and/or advocate for Fenway Health interests—with special attention to issues around HIV/AIDS, LGBT health, community health centers and healthcare generally– and build relations with other organizations and entities whose interests Fenway Health shares.

Representative Duties:

 Advocating with federal, state and local government

  • Advocate with the city, state, and federal government and agencies on issues of importance to Fenway Health with a special focus on issues around LGBT health, HIV/AIDS, community health centers and healthcare overall.  Confer with officials of state government concerning the interests of Fenway Health and the functional impact of proposed legislation; suggest modifications as appropriate
  • Advocate with the US Congress on issues of importance to Fenway Health and confer with federal, state and local officials concerning the interests of Fenway Health and the functional impact of proposed legislation; suggest modifications as appropriate

Establishing relationships in federal, state and local government

  • Establish relations with Massachusetts members of the General Court, and other senior state officials, whose policies and recommendations may relate to Fenway Health
  • Establish relationships with local officials, including the Boston City Council whose policies and actions affect the goals and mission of Fenway Health
  • Establish relationships in Washington, DC with senior-level appointed and elected officials to maintain their awareness of proposals and legislative matters that may affect Fenway Health
  • Represent Fenway Health to appropriate organizations or coalitions including Mass League of Community Health Centers, CAEAR Coalition, Boston Conference of Community Health Centers, Neighborhood Health Plan, National Association of Community Health Centers and others as appropriate in order to establish and maintain contacts to aid and foster government relations activities

Communicate and advise regarding government issues and activities pertaining to Fenway Health and those we serve

  • Provide information and advice to the President & CEO, and Senior Management regarding city, state and federal issues that impact Fenway Health and those we serve.
  • Monitor, analyze, and evaluate legislative and regulatory issues that may have an impact on Fenway Health to determine need for action and recommend action to be taken
  • Develop and implement a communication program to keep the Fenway Health senior management team informed of governmental issues affecting Fenway Health.
  • Recommend employment of consultants to represent aspects of the interests of Fenway Health and provide oversight as needed to ensure meeting policy program objectives.

Coordinates activities with the Director of Health Policy Research of the Fenway Institute and the Executive Director of AIDS Action Committee

  • Oversees regularly scheduled meetings between these positions and others involved with policy and advocacy across Fenway Health.
  • Ensures policy priorities are clear across all parts of Fenway Health.

Coordinates, organizes and heads efforts to represent Fenway Health in the community 

  • In consultation with the President & CEO, plans programs that promote good will and fosters relationship with community leaders.
  • Supervises a small charitable contributions program, including screening requests for financial support, coordinating the approval process, and ensuring the proper disbursement of funds.  An annual report on the program will be given to Senior Management.

Provides training and supervision to assigned staff following Fenway Health policies and procedures

  • Insures that staff receive a comprehensive program orientation
  • Trains staff regarding the full range of their responsibilities
  • Provides ongoing guidance and supervision to assigned staff
  • Provides yearly written evaluations of assigned staff following agency evaluation guidelines
  • Makes employment-related decisions regarding assigned staff within the scope of defined authority and following established agency and program guidelines

Performs other related duties as required

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in scientific, business, communications or related field; graduate degree is preferred
  • 7+ years’ experience in the healthcare industry with a focus of LGBT health, HIV/AIDS, community health preferred
  • 10 + years’ experience in advocacy, communications, policy, government relations and/or government service
  • Demonstrated success in lobbying government officials, groups and managing communication and relationships with advocacy partners and in driving related initiatives
  •  Ability to lead and manage multiple projects efficiently and effectively with accountability and a sense of urgency in a fast paced, frequently changing environment
  • Proven ability to think strategically and creatively, and to implement ideas/plans effectively; and to tackle complex issues/opportunities
  • Exceptionally strong written and oral communication skills with proven ability to collaborate and manage engagements for on-time, on-budget completion
  • Willingness and ability to travel

To apply: https://www.appone.com/MainInfoReq.asp?ServerVar=fenwayhealth.appone.com&R_ID=1505460


Job Posted: February 18, 2017