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Members of the 115th United States Congress with a Snapchat Account

By July 7, 2016April 24th, 2019Expertise - 1 Comm/Digital (ND)

Members of the 115th United States Congress with a Snapchat Account

Below, please find the most complete list of current Members of Congress using Snapchat. Some of the Snapchat accounts are used for campaign purposes while others represent an official account for the legislative office. Take a picture of the below logos while using the mobile app to automatically start following these politicians on Snapchat.

U.S. Senate: U.S. House of Representatives:
Brooks, Susan: “SusanWBrooks”
Representative for Indiana’s 5th congressional district
Blackburn, Marsha: “MarshaBlackburn”
Representative for Tennessee’s 7th congressional district
Blunt, Roy: “RoyBlunt”
Junior Senator from Missouri
Blum, Rod: “RepRodBlum”
Representative for Iowa’s 1st congressional district
Booker, Cory: “CoryBooker”
Junior Senator from New Jersey
Bustos, Cheri: “RepCheri”
Representative for Illinois’ 17th congressional district
Casey, Robert “Bob”: “SenBobCasey”
Senior Senator from Pennsylvania
Cicilline, David: “RepCicilline”
Representative for Rhode Island’s 1st congressional district
Daines, Steve: “SteveDaines”
Junior Senator from Montana
Curbelo, Carlos: “RepCurbelo”
Representative for Florida’s 26th congressional district
Duckworth, Tammy: “TammyForIL”
Junior Senator from IllinoisTammyDuckworth
Duffy, Sean: “RepSeanDuffy”
Representative for Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district
Ernst, Joni: “Joni_Ernst”
Junior Senator from Iowa
Emmer, Tom: “RepTomEmmer”
Representative for Minnesota’s 6th congressional district
Gillibrand, Kirsten: “SenGillibrand”
Junior Senator from New York
Hurd, Will: “HurdOnTheHill”
Representative forTexas’ 3rd congressional district
Graham, Lindsey: “LindseyGrahamSC”
Senior Senator from South Carolina
Lieu, Ted: “RepTedLieu”
Representative for California’s 33rd congressional district
Heitkamp, Heidi: “SenatorHeitkamp”
Junior Senator from North Dakota
Messer Luke: “RepLukeMesser”
Representative for Indiana’s 6th congressional district
Johnson, Ron: “RonJohnsonWI”
Senior Senator from Wisconsin
Moore, Gwen: “RepGwenMoore”
Representative for Wisconsin’s 4th congressional district

Harris, Kamala: “Kamala Harris”
Junior Senator from CaliforniaKamalaHarris
O’Rourke, Beto: “Beto.Orourk”
Representative for Texas’ 16th congressional district
Leahy, Patrick: “LeahyForVT”
Senior Senator from Vermont
Perlmutter, Edwin: “EdwinPerlmutter”
Representative for Colorado’s 7th congressional district
Manchin, Joe: “SenJoeManchin”
Senior Senator from West Virginia
Pocan, Mark: “Mark.Pocan”
Representative for Wisconsin’s 2nd congressional district 
McCain, John: “TeamMcCain”
Senior Senator from Arizona
 Polis, Jared: “RepJaredPolis”
Representative for Colorado’s 2nd congressional district
Murphy, Chris: “ChrisMurphyCT”
Junior Senator from Connecticut
Richmond, Cedric: “Rep.Richmond”
Representative for Louisiana’s 2nd congressional district
Paul, Rand: “SenatorRandPaul”
Junior Senator from Kentucky
Ryan, Tim: “RepTimRyan”
Representative for Ohio’s 13th congressional district
Portman, Robert “Rob”: “SenRobPortman”
Junior Senator from Ohio
Scott, Robert “Bobby”: “RepBobbyScott”
Representative for Virginia’s 3rd congressional district
Rubio, Marco: “MarcoRubio16”
Junior Senator from Florida
Sinema, Kyrsten: “KyrstenSinema” Representative for Arizona’s 9th congressional district
Sanders,“Bernie”: “Bernie.Sanders”
Junior Senator from Vermont
Swalwell, Eric: “RepSwalwell” Representative for California’s 15th congressional district


Scott, Tim: “SenatorTimScott”
Junior Senator from South Carolina
Upton, Fred: “RepFredUpton”
Representative for Michigan’s 6th congressional district
Toomey, Patrick “Pat”: “PatToomey”
Junior Senator from Pennsylvania
Vela, Filemon: “RepFilemonVela”
Representative for Texas’ 34th congressional district
Young, Todd: “ToddYoungIN”
Junior Senator from Indiana
Weber, Randy: “RepWeber”
Representative for Texas’ 14th congressional district
Black, Diane: “RepDianeBlack”
Representative for Tennessee’s 6th congressional district
Wilson, Frederica: “RepWilson”
Representative for Florida’s 24th congressional district
Yoder, Kevin: “RepKevinYoder”
Representative for Kansas’ 3rd congressional district


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