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Signature Events

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Signature Events

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Public Affairs Institute

January 2024

The Council’s flagship leadership program for senior-level public affairs professionals. For more than 40 years, we’ve brought together world-class faculty and top public affairs practitioners to address emerging political, economic, social and technology issues.

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The Advocacy Conference

January 28-31, 2024

Our can’t-miss event for anyone managing a government relations function, engaging stakeholders and seeking to advance public policy. Participants learn best practices in grassroots, communications and lobbying strategy from the profession’s top experts.

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The National PAC Conference

March 4-7, 2024

The most comprehensive program available anywhere for political action committee (PAC) professionals. It combines essential skills training with cutting-edge sessions on fundraising, political strategy, communications and compliance.

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Spring Executive Conference

April 17-18, 2023

A must-attend event for senior executives from top companies, associations, other nonprofits and consultancies. This meeting features high-level presentations and discussions about politics, business strategy and emerging issues in the public affairs profession.

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Digital Media & Advocacy Summit

June 12, 2023

The leading annual event for digital communications and advocacy professionals. Experts come together to share new strategies, technology innovations and case studies for energizing grassroots and policy campaigns.

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Government Relations & Policy Conference

September 20-22, 2023

Covering emerging issues affecting local, state and federal government relations professionals, this event brings together experts and practitioners from across industries for strategic discussions on coordinating advocacy efforts with their teams and navigating complex compliance regulations.

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STRIDE: A Social Impact Summit

December 6, 2023

Our newest signature event! Centered on social responsibility, sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion, STRIDE is a place to share ideas, innovate and connect to better society. The summit will highlight best practices, thought leadership and research trends.

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Political Compliance Summit

January 31, 2023 & October 26, 2023

A full day, deep dive of the top legal and compliance issues affecting lobbyists, PAC professionals and grassroots practitioners.

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Washington, D.C. Study Tour

October 11-13, 2023

Public affairs from the Washington perspective. Understand how policymaking works, who influences trends and how to make your strategy successful inside the beltway.

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Public Affairs Leadership Summit

July 26-27, 2023

The Public Affairs Leadership Summit will help you develop and leverage skills to have a greater impact as a public affairs leader and strategist.