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Events Tip Sheet

By November 22, 2017June 12th, 2018Event Info (JK)
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Conference Experience
A Tip Sheet for Sponsors and Exhibitors

We appreciate your support for our conference; it helps make such events possible. We also want to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Here are some tips and insights we’ve collected through our own observations and from feedback provided by other sponsors and exhibitors to help you get the most out of this event:

  1. The most important recommendation we have is to register to attend the conference in addition to sponsoring or exhibiting. We find that sponsors and exhibitors who participate in the program itself and network throughout the conference have the best experience. If you are not registered for the full event, you only get access to attendees during your company’s sponsored event or in the exhibit hall. If you register at least one representative to attend the entire conference, you get full access to current and potential customers, meaning you have an array of networking opportunities throughout the three-plus-day event. Additionally, during the advertised hours of the exhibit hall, we provide security so that your booth is monitored if you want to attend sessions.
  2. Many sponsors and exhibitors coordinate events for clients/potential clients during the one free afternoon during the conference and/or dinners after the evening receptions. You are welcome to plan your own events; they can be a great opportunity to get to know practitioners better and understand how to better serve them or work with them in the future. We do recommend that you schedule these events in advance, and we ask only that any events your company plans do NOT conflict with our scheduled agenda.
  3. Some of our exhibitors have brought larger, more extravagant displays to previous conferences, but most bring simpler signage to put around the existing table we provide as part of your exhibitor registration. We recommend a simpler display because, depending on the venue, space can be limited and the exhibit hall is only open for one day. You are welcome to provide tchotchkes, hold giveaways, etc. Some exhibitors coordinate specialty drinks through the hotel to provide at their booth, play games, do drawings, etc. You are welcome to get as creative with your booth as you like. We are happy to discuss your plans with you and provide examples of what other exhibitors have done at past conferences.
  4. In the exhibit hall, think of the experience as an opportunity to make one-on-one connections with current and potential customers. Try not to focus on the “hard sell” as much as networking and getting to know the attendees. The exhibit hall is a great place to demonstrate new software or advertise what your company offers, but it’s also a networking opportunity for attendees, sponsors and exhibitors alike. Have one or two of your company representatives get out from behind your booth and move about the exhibit hall during networking breaks and the evening reception.
  5. Do you have an idea for a sponsorship that you don’t see listed? CALL US! We are open to any and all ideas. We may not be able to implement yours immediately, but you may see it added in a future year.

Please also keep in mind our Sponsor and Exhibitor Policies

Please contact Kristin Hanley at [email protected] or 202.787.5968.