Certificate in PAC and Grassroots Management

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24 Jan, 2013

Certificate in PAC and Grassroots Management

The Public Affairs Council’s Certificate in PAC and Grassroots Management is geared toward mid-level public affairs professionals looking to improve their skills in the field. This certificate is designed to strengthen understanding of and expertise in two critical components of any political program: political action committees and grassroots advocacy.

Program Details
To complete the program, participants must earn 25 credits, which are accrued by attending select Council programs and by earning various community credits.

Participants must choose to specialize in either PAC or grassroots management, but there is also the option to add a second specialization upon completion of their certificate. The program requires rigorous compliance training, ensuring that participants have an in-depth understanding of the complex legal and regulatory landscape in their field, as well as intensive training in topics key to effective management of political programs. In addition, the certificate program requires participants to engage in activities within the PAC or grassroots community.

For a full explanation of credit requirements, click here.

To view programs eligible for credit for the certificate, click here

  • To view a complete list of past eligible programs, click here


To apply for the Certificate in PAC and Grassroots Management, individuals must have a minimum of two years’ experience in public affairs. Candidates are expected to complete the program requirements within three years of application. Applicants must apply within 30 days of the first program that will count toward their certificate. Programs more than 30 days prior to the date of the application will not count toward certificate completion.

Apply today! There is no fee to apply.

Download the application here.

Download the self-tracking form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the certificate?
Certificates should be completed in several − but no more than three − years.

What are the requirements for completion?
The Certificate in PAC & Grassroots Management program requires the completion of 25 credits. Click here to find a full explanation of credit requirements.

How much does the certificate cost?
While cost can differ greatly depending on which programs each certificate participant chooses to enroll in and whether your organization is a member of the Public Affairs Council or not, costs typically range between $4,000 – $5,500 for the program. If your organization is a Council member, our new Membership Plus program is a great cost-effective option for those enrolled in a certificate program. For any questions about costs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to certificates@pac.org.

A comparison of the cost between those who are nonmembers, members, and those who have Membership Plus can be found here.

Where can I find a list of past eligible programs to track my progress?
A complete list of past eligible programs can be found here.

For any questions or for an update on your progress, please contact Price Fisher (pfisher@pac.org).