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Certificate & Credit Eligible:

Nov 13 - Nov 15
Join us for a series of complimentary, members-only state race debriefs as you wind down from the rush of midterms. In each of these hour-long webinars, we will feature a deep dive into key state races and the impact they will have in 2019 and beyond.
Dec 05
“The Rise of China” is a phrase that has become more commonplace over the last decade. What is the economic and political reality of this phenomenon, and how will it continue to affect global business? Join the Council for a briefing on what the public affairs landscape in China looks like, as well as expert commentary on strategy and best practices, recent trends, and the region’s outlook for growth, power and influence.
Dec 12
There are major differences between the LDA and the IRC in what must be tracked and reported (including grassroots advocacy), so understanding these differences will help you easily prevent costly mistakes. This program is eligible for 1 compliance credit toward the Certificate in PAC & Grassroots Management and 1 compliance credit toward the Certificate in Public Affairs Management.
Dec 13
Interested in learning how to get the most out of your Council membership? Join us for a member orientation to get up to speed about all of the Council’s major services.
Jan 14
Measuring your political efforts in a way that non-public affairs professionals can understand is critical in demonstrating the influence of your PAC on advancing your organization’s advocacy goals. Communicating the PAC’s impact to your PAC donors and eligible community as a whole also generates an appreciation and support for its work. Learn how to convey to your internal and external stakeholders why a strong PAC is crucial to your organization’s success.