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Certificate & Credit Eligible:

Sep 19
Public policy making in the last decade has notably shifted from the federal level to the states. In the upcoming 2018 election, it is estimated that there will be between 150 and 200 statewide ballot measures and thousands more at the local level across the country. Join us for a webinar on how organizations can successfully plan, manage and ultimately win ballot measure campaigns. This program is eligible for 1 grassroots credit toward the Certificate in PAC & Grassroots Management.
Oct 10
Virtually all grassroots, government relations and advocacy professionals will, at one time or another, run a training session at their fly-in entitled “The Do’s and Don’ts for Capitol Hill Meetings.” Once you stop debating how to spell Do’s, it’s time to decide what are the most important insights to discuss during that session. As industry experts, the Council is frequently called on to share best practices on this topic and, through this webinar, we’ll share those practices with you. This program is eligible for 1 grassroots credit toward the Certificate in PAC & Grassroots Management.
Oct 11
Advocacy professionals often hear the term “Big Data,” but organizations can struggle with optimizing their database to improve grassroots and communications efforts. Whether you’re still tracking your advocates using a spreadsheet or looking to improve your database management skills, join us to hear how your organization can manage and maintain your data, boost the effectiveness of your advocacy software and increase your impact through optimization.
Oct 25
As Congress passes legislation or a President delegates authority, it is up to the relevant agency to write the rules by which business and society will adhere to the law. On top of that, with each new administration and Congress there’s a process of writing and/or unraveling an extensive series of regulations. Before diving into the strategy of impacting the rulemaking process, join us to get a refresher on the fundamentals of the process.
Oct 30
Is your global function expanding? Latin America is a region ripe with economic opportunity, but many public affairs-specific challenges remain. Join our regional experts for a discussion of industry must-knows in the region.
Dec 06
“The Rise of China” is a phrase that has become more commonplace over the last decade. What is the economic and political reality of this phenomenon, and how will it continue to affect global business? Join the Council for a briefing on what the public affairs landscape in China looks like, as well as expert commentary on strategy and best practices, recent trends, and the region’s outlook for growth, power and influence.
Dec 12
There are major differences between the LDA and the IRC in what must be tracked and reported (including grassroots advocacy), so understanding these differences will help you easily prevent costly mistakes. This program is eligible for 1 compliance credit toward the Certificate in PAC & Grassroots Management and 1 compliance credit toward the Certificate in Public Affairs Management.
Dec 13
Interested in learning how to get the most out of your Council membership? Join us for a member orientation to get up to speed about all of the Council’s major services.