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07 Jan, 2020

“A recent report from the Public Affairs Council found that the pandemic is changing the way advocacy is done. With more organizations saying advocacy is critical now, associations need to focus on virtual engagement and standing out from the crowd.”

“More than 70 percent of [lobbyists] believe that even after the COVID-19 threat ebbs, it will still be much more difficult to meet with federal policymakers in person, according to a recent survey by the Public Affairs Council.”


“Also on the ascendancy is digital advocacy. Over 60% think the pandemic will bring about a decline in traditional lobbying and an increase in the use of digital advocacy strategies.”

Economic Pain Comes to K Street
By: Theodoric Meyer 05/26/2020

“Doug Pinkham, president of the Public Affairs Council, said the pandemic had been ‘financially devastating’ for many trade groups. ‘Many of them rely very heavily on events for revenue, and that has just dried up,’ he said.”

“A new study from the Public Affairs Council finds that even given recent controversy over the use of political ads on social media, nearly half of Americans don’t find their use objectionable.”

“In the current environment, companies are particularly cautious about alienating employees and customers by sounding like they are closely aligned with either party,” says Doug Pinkham, president of the Public Affairs Council.”

Ex-Tea Party lawmakers turn heads on K Street
By: Alex Gangitano 01/08/2020

“If you ask [Duffy, Smith and Culberson], they would say this is not inconsistent because they are supporting issues where they have expertise and where they feel they are true believers,” Public Affairs Council President Doug Pinkham told The Hill.”

“If Facebook decides to implement additional restrictions, I think legislators will finally consider implementing a comprehensive digital ad bill that addresses many of these issues,” Nick DeSarno, director of digital and policy communications at the Public Affairs Council, told BuzzFeed News.”

“While Twitter’s potential new issues ads policy is more permissive than a total ban, it’s still going to be a challenge for groups who are trying to drive political or legislative change using the platform,” Nick DeSarno, the director of digital and policy communications at the Public Affairs Council, a nonpartisan, nonpolitical association for public affairs professionals, told Kate.”

“Twitter said it held discussions about the policy with the American Civil Liberties Union and the Public Affairs Council, a nonpartisan organization that advises companies on their lobbying and digital advocacy efforts, last week.”

EU Influence
By: Christina Gonzales 11/01/2019

“Here are 10 things to remember when working with Commission staff, according to the Public Affairs Council.