Communications Associate

08 May, 2019


Communications Associate

Lot Sixteen
Washington, DC



Lot Sixteen is a bipartisan lobbying and communications firm looking for an Associate to join our team and advocate for our clients’ interests.




Lot Sixteen is looking for a Communications Associate to join a growing, energetic and relentlessly competent team of lobbying and communications professionals. In this role, ownership of and accountability for planning and executing work across a wide variety of functions will be required.


We are a pro-active bunch. We translate our words into actions. We insist on knowing what we are talking about. We view the identification of a problem or task as only the first of many steps required to get results. We prioritize solutions, develop detailed work plans, secure approval to execute those plans and get to work on implementation. We eat elephants, one bite at a time. We worry, so clients don’t have to. And we want this same approach from the person who takes this job.


We are also building an agency that feels like home, a team of friends who support each other as much as they challenge each other, and a client base whose trust and confidence in us is earned every day. At Lot Sixteen, we prioritize quality, we adore smart thinking, and we are committed to cultivating a great work environment. Accordingly, we try to meet or exceed all the standard work perks and expectations, including:


  • Competitive salary
  • Generous benefits, including:
    • Health Plan
    • Dental Plan
    • Commuter Benefits
  • All-you-can-eat trail mix and all-you-can-drink coffee
  • A work family that welcomes your real family & friends and recognizes that balancing both of those worlds is an essential ingredient to happiness.





A Communications Associate at Lot Sixteen has a fairly diverse set of responsibilities, including roles in:


  • Developing earned media strategies for various clients;
  • Writing messaging memos, press releases, media pitches and op-eds, social media copy, LTEs, talking points, blog posts, and presentations;
  • Using media tools to develop targeted media lists and conduct press outreach;
  • Monitoring press mentions and headlines relevant to clients and producing corresponding recommendations for client communication tactics and strategies;
  • Coordinating press outreach on behalf of clients;
  • Creating content using basic video editing and design tools (Adobe creative suite);
  • Facilitating discussions and work with outside vendors including publishers, media buyers, and outside design teams;
  • Drafting, reviewing and editing written content and materials; and
  • Utilizing, creating and/or updating various databases.




Did we just become best friends? Well… yeah… if you’re someone who:


  • Knows how to balance competing demands with composure, smarts and confidence;
  • Enjoys writing, and is good at it (presentations, memos, media pitches, op-eds, general talking points, blog and social media posts and zinger txt msgs);
  • Feels an obligation to keep people in the loop, rather than cut them out of it;
  • Prides yourself in looking around corners, evaluating scenarios and being prepared;
  • Finds fulfillment in developing and implementing solutions to problems that feel unsolvable;
  • Likes to lend a hand when you see someone who needs help; and
  • Finishes what you start, without anyone checking up on you.


You are most likely to thrive in this role if you have one to two years of experience in an agency doing account work. We care less about where or how long you went to school than we do about how eager you are to continue learning. Equally important: a willingness to admit what you don’t know and go find the answers. The ideal candidate has knowledge of and abilities in the following:

  • Authoring and editing written content with excellent grammar, formatting, and tone;
  • Writing for different audiences and in different formats, from slide decks speeches;
  • Running MS Office Suite and Google Drive; graphic design software (e.g., InDesign or and Photoshop); WordPress; and/or SquareSpace;
  • Public affairs agency best practices, including those related to pitching reporters, finalizing project deliverables, and keeping clients informed.




Please email your resume, ten sentences about why you might be into us and/or why we should be into you, and a bulleted list of your favorite color, the band you’re most likely to add to the office playlist, the last book you read, your go-to pastime, and what animal you’d be – if you could be an animal – to Missy Deerin ( with the subject line, “I’m interested in working at The Lot.”







Lot Sixteen, LLC // 923 15th Street, NW, Second Floor // Washington, DC 20005

Job posted: 2019-05-08