Senior Manager, Government Relations

25 Apr, 2023


Senior Manager, Government Relations

International Baccalaureate
Washington D.C.

The SMGR is expected to work closely with the Head of Development, USA and Canada, Associations of IB World Schools (AIBWS), external consultants, and stakeholders to develop strategies for increasing and protecting the level of support through policies, funding, and recognition for the IB at the federal, state, and local level while collaborating internally with development, recognition, and marketing to leverage such policies to promote further growth of the IB. This is accomplished by working on model policies oriented toward accessing the IB, tracking legislation at the state and federal levels, building a federal strategy for government relations, and leveraging an already-existing grassroots network.

The SGRM is also expected to connect with state and federal government officials to ensure the IB has high profile visibility and a growing network of support. Examples of this include being the primary advocate for the IB with the US Department of Education, key members of the legislative branch (Senate and House), state governors’ offices, members of the state legislature, state boards of education, and boards of education at the Canadian provincial level.

Job Duties:

  • Develop and implement a government relations strategy for the United States and work alongside senior staff for a government relations strategy for Canada to better position the organization in both countries
  •  Increased government support for IB, as measured in terms of number of policies/laws delivered.
  • Provide quarterly progress report
  • Produce and continuously update overview of IB policies in key states and take timely measures whenever a positive or a negative opportunity is evident
  • Consistently bring into the IB valuable market information and research related to policies and legislations, and work with marketing to communicate policy successes.
  • Keep close track of the funding available in key states for education as a whole and IB in particular and collaborate with the IBNA Head and Development managers to leverage such funding and identify opportunities for growth.
  • Lead capacity building with the Associations of IB World Schools (AIBWS) as partners in promoting IB-specific legislation and policies (grassroots strategy)
  • When capacity is established, work with AIBWS to leverage grassroots strategies to protect and promote the IB community
  • Build and sustain network of high-level government officials for both the U.S. and Canada who have influence over policies and legislation that support IB programs
  • Develop a clear process of engagement with those governmental stakeholders, and a reporting mechanism to decision-makers at IB
  • Complete comprehensive information on key government contacts, incorporated into Salesforce or other appropriate software related to government relations (Fiscal Note).
  • Become the reference point within the IB with all matters related to federal and state government grants that can be used to fund IB programs, particularly Titles 1, 2, and 4 of the, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA/ESEA). Create outreach events at various legislatures or at the federal level per quarter to increase IB awareness
  • Set and achieve annual targets for the number of government policies or laws that are created in support of IB. Examples include the following:
    • high school graduation equivalency with the IB 16+ programs
    • state funds for IB examinations
    • funds for IB professional development
    • direct support for annual fees o recognition for IB examinations and college credit
    • financial support for introducing and supporting all programs and funds provided to districts based on performance on IB exams
  • Work across teams to effectively communicate the availability of funding to schools and associations.
  • Deliver data to states and provinces on Diploma Program (DP) and Career-related (CP) exam participation and support, in compliance with GDPR guidelines.
  • Track the Perkins grant funding that is available to support CP programs across states. Work with states, school districts and AIBWSs to promote the use of these funds to create or expand CP.
  • Collaborate closely with the other IB initiatives working on similar strategies.
  • Track other grants that are available to IB schools and districts, such as the Magnet Schools Assistance Program and state department block grants


  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree, preferred advanced degree.
  • Experience in Government relations required. Experience working with senior government officials preferred Minimum of 10-15 years of experience in the education industry or related field
  • Understanding of IB, its mission, and IB programs preferred, but not required
  • Experience managing a team of professionals in both local and remote locations preferred


The IB is an equal opportunity employer. It provides employment opportunities to employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, ethnicity, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic status, or status in any group protected by federal, state, or local laws.

“This job is offered on local terms and conditions and is at will.

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Job posted: 2023-04-25