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Let some of our members share their stories on how Council affiliation contributes to their organizations’ public affairs success.

“I still have a piece of paper from 1998, when I was attending a Council event and someone mentioned the words ‘procurement lobbying.’ I had never heard that expression before, and I decided that I needed to start looking into this. My attendance at the meeting helped create an entire new sector for my business. Procurement lobbying is now its own publication on our website, and 30 out of 40 of my employees work in this field. The Council is at the forefront of forecasting trends and leading in professional development for public affairs practitioners. There is nothing else out there like it!”
— Elizabeth Bartz, president & CEO, State and Federal Communications Inc.
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“At the American Farm Bureau Federation, we utilized the Council library to develop a grassroots and key contact toolkit for our advocates. The resources in the library are a great asset to organizations looking to enhance their own wheel, rather than invent a new one! Our toolkit was then shared with our advocates, state affiliates and key contacts to make them better able to advocate on the Farm Bureau’s key policy issues.”
— Cody Lyon, director, grassroots and policy advocacy, American Farm Bureau Federation
“My company’s corporate giving strategy, still going gangbusters today, was first seeded at a Council board meeting. I parked myself next to a member, solicited input on my draft plan, accepted two astute points and finalized the proposal, now implemented and succeeding. Now that’s how I like to do business!”
— Madeline Ferraro, vice president, government and public affairs, Atlantic Health
“I have been involved with the Public Affairs Council for over 10 years and always find their programs, conferences and webinars on state and local government relations to be a never-ending continuing education program. Fellow members and the Council staff have been a wonderful source of knowledge and an all-around great group of professionals.”
— Jeff Hartgen, principal, MultiState Associates Inc.
“I run a one-person operation that spans government relations, communications, business development, operations and strategy — but I have to pull them all together. The Council is really helpful in teaching me to be effective in working and developing synergies between these functions.”
— Angelina Sulaka, manager, U.S. public affairs, GKN North America Services
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“The Public Affairs Council has been an outstanding resource to the Minnesota Vikings and to me as a public affairs professional. The Council has provided invaluable and thought-provoking information on public affairs best practices and emerging trends that helped guide our organization to resolve our stadium development challenge. In 2016, we will open an iconic new stadium in Minneapolis, funded by a 50/50 public-private partnership.”
— Lester Bagley, executive vice president, public affairs and stadium development, Minnesota Vikings Football LLC
“The Public Affairs Council’s programming has played an integral role in my professional development throughout my career. The Council is truly grooming the next generation of leadership in public affairs.”
— David Lusk, former associate director of advocacy, Alzheimer’s Association


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