Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis

22 Jan, 2019
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Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis

Comparative analyses help our clients contrast their resources and activities against other organizations.

In order to provide the most insightful analysis, we can compare organizations in several ways:

  • By industry, revenue, employee base of similar organizations
  • Comparing your organization to those considered “best in class” by survey respondents
  • Executive interviews with “best practice” companies and associations, or those of specific interest to the client
  • Internal interviews with client executives who can provide relevant function insights

We draw data from our State of Corporate Public Affairs Survey, PAC or State Government Relations Benchmarking Reports and other Council studies. The Corporate Public Affairs survey examines how public affairs functions operate, including staff, structure, budget, reporting relationships, functions housed within the department, integration of the function, consultant use, metrics and CEO engagement. We released our latest State of Corporate Public Affairs in 2020.

Our comparative analysis report includes a detailed examination of findings and recommendations for improving your public affairs work and besting your competition.