PAC & Campaign Finance

PAC political action committee
08 Nov, 2012

PAC & Campaign Finance

PAC / Campaign Finance

In the U.S., political action committees (PACs) allow like-minded individuals – from companies, associations, labor unions and other groups – to support their interests and issues by pooling their dollars and donating to candidates. Roughly 3,000 companies and associations operate PACs, which are transparent and federally monitored.

But managing a PAC is no small task. It requires the ability to solicit contributions, direct disbursements, comply with complex regulations and manage administrative functions.

With the emergence of Super PACs, changes to ethics laws and other reform proposals, it’s getting even harder to keep up with campaign finance practices.

That’s where we come in.

PAC Management and Legal Advice

Our expert staff will help you grow your PAC and get senior management support for your political involvement program. We’ll also provide the best legal advice and training on all aspects of compliance. Contact us with any question, any time.

Executive Education

Join these upcoming PAC education programs to gain expertise and connect with your peers. You can also earn a Certificate in PAC Management.

Political Involvement Network (PIN)

This network is a free, members-only forum that offers dynamic networking and idea-sharing opportunities.

Benchmarking Data

Our PAC Benchmarking Reports are the most comprehensive studies available on corporate and association PAC management and fundraising.

Publications and Recordings

Check out Council publications and audio recordings with more information on this topic.

Get the Facts About PACs

The Council is a leading voice in the discussion around PACs and setting the record straight.


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