Election Survey Results

05 Nov, 2018

We asked how members of our community will be spending their election night, and here are a few of our favorite responses.

What is the first election you remember?

  • Earliest response: 1966
  • Most frequent response: 2000

What is the first election you voted in?

  • Earliest response: 1976
  • Most frequent response: tie – 2006 and 2008

What are your plans for election night?

  • The usual: home, two TVs, two computers, filet mignon and lobster tail and Vueve
  • Party like it’s 2008
  • Going to an art class
  • Staying open to review ballot measures across the country, state elections and local issues
  • Celebrate with the Minnesota Democratic delegation
  • Watch the returns come in at home
  • Go to bed early and hope for the best in the morning
  • At home with split screen CNN and Fox News, and a laptop with bookmarked state election websites teed up, hitting refresh on key races
  • Set up the war room at home and keep a tally of our PAC supported candidates to report out the next day
  • Watching the results at home with every device possible
  • Watch the Duke/Kentucky game—much more enjoyable!
  • Couch with my dog
  • Hope and tequila
  • Home. Couch. TV.  Laptop. Cellphone for Twitter. And wine.
  • Multiple events hosted  by  party committees and candidates
  • Couch with my dog
  • Hanging out at a hotel with my friends who are also political junkies, watching the returns–praying and rejoicing or mourning as they come in.
  • Follow the races and draft post-election communications
  • I will be at the office over night monitoring and putting resources together as results come in.

Your food (or beverage) of choice to snack on to get you through the evening?

  • Grilled cheese and tomato soup
  • Dom Perignon if the night goes well, whiskey neat if not
  • McDonald’s McRib (it’s a personal tradition going back to election night 2006)
  • Popcorn and bourbon
  • Miller Lite and peanuts
  • Chocolate lava cake
  • Wings and wine
  • A lot of wine
  • Tater tots and chicken wings
  • Coke zero and cheddar flavor Chex Mix
  • Skinny pop
  • We have cheap wine from Aldi, we have vintage champagne. Depends how things are shaking out.
  • Meat and cheese board with bourbon rocks
  • Wine…lots of wine
  • Diet Coke
  • Not hopeful enough for champagne, so going with tequila
  • Cheese cubes!
  • Probably popcorn, possibly a Kentucky Mule
  • Cappuccino from my nespresso machine!

What race(s) are you most interested in watching on election night?

  • Tennessee Senate
  • Texas Senate
  • IL, NY, CA House races
  • Arizona Senate and Ohio Gubernatorial
  • VA-10 (Comstock)
  • All Pennsylvania races
  • Indiana and Missouri Senate races
  • FL-26 (Curbelo)
  • TX-23 (Hurd)
  • Connecticut Gubernatorial and state assembly races
  • Governors races – specifically Michigan and then senate/house races at federal level. Michigan ballot initiatives.

Which race(s) do you predict will be the biggest surprise or upset of the night?

  • The biggest one of all, the race for control of the Senate
  • Senator Donnelly (IN) will lose
  • David Young reelected in IA
  • Dems winning the senate races in Texas and Tennessee
  • WI-1 (Ryan’s seat) flips blue
  • McCaskill (MO) reelected in a squeaker
  • Beto upsets Cruz in Texas Senate

Which party do you predict will control the U.S. House of Representatives?

  • Democrats will gain control: 76%
  • Republicans will maintain control: 24%

Which party do you predict will control the U.S. Senate?

  • Democrats will gain control: 1%
  • Republicans will maintain control: 65%
  • 50/50 Split: 27%

What/who is your go-to news source or political pundit you’ll be following for election coverage?

  • Spin-free zone on CSPAN
  • Facebook (kidding!). Politico, The Hill, RealClearPolitics, Washington Post, Seattle Times
  • Fivethirtyeight.com
  • Nathan Gonzales
  • Nicole Wallace
  • Roll Call At the Races
  • Brian Williams on NBC
  • Charlie Cook and David Wasserman
  • Ben Shapiro
  • National Public Radio
  • CNN
  • Fox
  • Chris Stirewalt

If you could create a hashtag to trend on election night?

  • #benice
  • #bluetiderising
  • #countryoverpartyvote
  • #yourguessisasgoodasmine
  • #stirringuptheswamp
  • #electionsmatter
  • If only I were creative enough for that
  • #makeamericaNORMALagain
  • #timeforelection2020
  • #Housebrawl
  • #godhelpus
  • #thankgodthisisoverfornow
  • #politicalpartiesneedtoregaincontrol
  • #jobsnotmobs