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Mitchel Smigel
Program Assistant

Oct 27
Persuading policy and decision makers has never been an easy task, made even more challenging by the virtual environment where this is increasingly taking place. This training seminar will look at techniques to open the virtual door to MEPs and policymakers, engage them in a conversation they will remember, and get them to be interested in your issue. Practical, interactive, actionable.
Nov 17
Designed for EU public affairs professionals, this workshop will focus on the practical aspects of EU decision-making, how to influence it, and what will be some of the main issues influencing upcoming EU legislation (policy-wise and procedurally).
Nov 22
More than just social media for lobbying, digital advocacy is a far broader discipline that includes messaging, thought leadership and online engagement, which are all integral to shaping public policy. This online training seminar will cover persuasive email writing for online advocacy in detail, using interactive engagement tools and live discussion.
Dec 01 - Dec 03
Digital advocacy and virtual engagement are critical components of the public affairs toolkit and offer organizations a growing range of options to engage with policymakers, potential partners or critics, and the public. Join our flagship digital conference #EUDAS21 to learn about the latest trends and brightest ideas on digital advocacy and communication.