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Carolyn Darville
Events Associate
202.787.5976 | email

Feb 20
Creating trust between an organisation and its stakeholders is one of the primary goals of communication and public affairs departments. Yet today it presents unprecedented challenges as companies try to cope with phenomena like political uncertainty, media disinformation, and increasing expectations to “do the right thing”. Join us for a discussion and insights based on a concrete example from the food sector.
Feb 21
Join us for a briefing on the European Union to learn more about the public affairs landscape. This webinar will feature insights on government relations best practices in the EU. This program is eligible for 1 elective credit toward the Certificate in Public Affairs Management.
Feb 25
This interactive lunchtime workshop session will focus on the key stages in building a successful EU lobbying campaign and consider the current best practice balance between technology and human solutions.
Feb 28
Time and opportunities are limited when you lobby - so making a rapid and positive impact is essential to your success. Join this workshop to learn the skills, secrets and techniques to develop powerful messages and present your arguments persuasively.
Mar 26
The more you know, the more you can control. Understanding your environment, knowing the political arena, and transforming complex data into usable messages are highly valued skills for public affairs practitioners. They are also the foundations of a successful lobbying strategy. Join this workshop to learn innovative approaches and best practices to intelligence gathering you can immediately apply to craft impactful campaigns.