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May 08
Turkey is undergoing profound structural changes, yet it remains a strategic market for European and US companies. How can public affairs teams keep up with the latest developments and engage successfully with key decision-makers?
May 15
Disinformation and ‘fake news’ have launched a new era in relationships between corporations and citizens. Understanding how perceptions are formed, how trust is built and how risks are understood are challenges public affairs teams face every day. Building on the success of previous summits, the Public Affairs Council will bring together over 100 mid- to senior-level government officials, corporate leaders, public affairs executives and engaging speakers to discuss strategies for addressing such challenges.
May 16 - May 17
The Brussels study tour is a unique opportunity for public affairs senior executives to have a first-hand immersive experience in the European Union’s public affairs, advocacy and lobby environment right before the May 2019 European Parliamentary elections.