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Carolyn Darville
Events Associate
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Sep 05
Today more than ever, the public affairs function crosses disciplines, organisational roles and geographical boundaries. Public affairs professionals have to act strategically, with a keen understanding of global business risks as well as the surrounding socio-political environment. Join this roundtable to hear more about managing political risk, recent trends in global public affairs, and what’s in store for businesses in the years to come.
Sep 12
Public affairs professionals are under constant pressure to measure the impact of their activities and demonstrate value — to members, the board, corporate leadership, and many others. What can you learn from your Brussels-based peers on measuring impact and demonstrating results?
Sep 20
Effective public speaking is a critical component of the public affairs professional’s skill set. A persuasive speech is not just about crafting the right message - it’s also about delivering it in the right time, place and format. This workshop will show you how to shape your language, measure your speaker’s natural voice, and tailor any public address to fit your goals.