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Yeraldin Borray Castillo
Program Coordinator
202.787.5961 | email

Feb 09
Words are powerful tools for persuading policy makers, officials, and stakeholders. However, it is important to consider how you present your case. By utilizing storytelling techniques in your advocacy messages, you can open doors and secure meetings that would otherwise be inaccessible. Join this informal virtual event to hear about campaigning tools and ideas, to discuss what makes a good campaign stand-out, and to be inspired by your peers.
Feb 14
Join this first of four training seminars focusing on core public affairs skills in 2023, where we will explore the mindset and foundational steps needed to set up a successful public affairs strategy that works for you and your organization.
Feb 16
Strong negotiation skills are an asset for public affairs professionals. The right approach can ensure that key interlocutors - internal or external - are persuaded of the merits of your position and agree to take your interests into account. Join this discussion to hear from experts on negotiation techniques that work, and how to apply those techniques to meetings with policy-makers, coalition partners, service providers, or your HR team during your next salary negotiation.
Jun 22 - Jun 23
The Brussels study tour is designed specifically for public affairs senior executives who want to gain a better understanding of the EU’s public affairs, advocacy, and lobby environment. Gain knowledge and connections necessary to effectively advocate for your interests within the EU.