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Carolyn Darville
Events Associate
202.787.5976 | email

Sep 29
As the United States heads to elections in early November, what are the main policy implications for Europe? How can public affairs professionals in European companies and associations make sense of the current debate, and what scenarios should they prepare for?
Oct 14
More than just social media for lobbying, digital advocacy is a far broader discipline that includes messaging, email writing, thought leadership and online engagement, which are all integral to shaping public policy. This 3-part online workshop series from our Europe office will cover each of these aspects in detail, using interactive engagement tools and live discussion.
Nov 17
Designed for EU public affairs professionals, this series of 3 x 1.5-hour online workshops will focus on the practical aspects of EU decision-making, how to influence it, and what will be some of the main issues influencing EU legislation (policy-wise and procedurally) in 2021.