The Council is a hub of research and intelligence on international public affairs. With partners around the world — as well as its own in-house “think tank,” the  Foundation for Public Affairs — the Council is a continual source of fresh information supporting best practices in the field. The Council and its Foundation prepare a number of benchmarking reports, compensation surveys, management reports and white papers, reports on emerging issues and best practices, and satisfaction surveys.

Here are some of the latest international publications we offer our members:
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Building and Managing a Global Public Affairs Function

This publication offers solutions to the unique challenges that companies face when building and maintaining a global public affairs presence. Featuring more than a dozen case studies from AstraZeneca, Dow, Shell, UPS and other leading companies, the report shares a variety of strategies for making overseas operations a success — from integrating with the business side to keeping a finger on a community’s pulse via locally based cultural liaisons. For a free PDF of the report, click here.
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 Managing Stakeholder Engagement on a Global ScaleThis report shares strategies for fostering meaningful engagement with both internal and external stakeholders around the world. Featuring a half-dozen case studies from leading companies such as GE, Pfizer and Rio Tinto, the report demonstrates various approaches to stakeholder engagement on issues ranging from sustainability to health care. But all emphasize the importance of building and growing local relationships. For a free PDF of the report, click here. To order a hard copy, click here.
Russian Renaissance? Managing Public Affairs in Today’s RussiaThis report, the final installment in the Foundation for Public Affairs’ series on government relations in the BRIC countries, comes at a pivotal time for Russia. Having recently acceded to the WTO and secured PNTR status from the U.S., Russia is on course for great economic growth. But it has many ghosts from its past — including corruption, ailing infrastructure and reliance on natural resources — that it must shake in order to realize its full potential. Featuring case studies on Citi, Medtronic, Microsoft and others, the report examines the successful approaches multinationals have taken to navigate this complex environment. For a free PDF of the report, click here. To order a hard copy, click here.
International Member Consultancy DirectoryA newly developed and one-of-a-kind resource, this comprehensive directory, available online, includes Council member consulting firms with an international public affairs practice. This directory is your one-stop source for finding the consultants you need where you need them.
O Momento Mágico: Managing Public Affairs in BrazilThe Foundation for Public Affairs, the Public Affairs Council’s research affiliate, has just released a report on managing public affairs in Brazil — the latest installment in its series on working with officials, the media, associations and others in major overseas markets. Learn how organizations are identifying stakeholders for government relations and corporate social responsibility activities. The report features case studies from companies such as MeadWestvaco, Philips, Cargill and Mary  Kay. You can download a PDF copy the report here.
2010 International Public Affairs Benchmarking ReportThis report provides a wealth of current data on how top multinational companies manage and resource their international public affairs function. Topics covered in the report include organization, budgeting and staffing; management and decision processes; key activities and coordination; regional accessibility and effectiveness; and challenges and trends. Click here to order the full report or here to download a free PDF copy of its key findings.
Opening Doors in Brussels: Managing Government Relations in the EUThis study is a primer for practitioners working with the emerging European Union government. It demonstrates how leading companies are conducting government relations with the EU government in Brussels, as well as national governments across Europe. The study examines key European institutions, differences in lobbying practices between the U.S. and the EU, and strategies for building coalitions with EU-based partners.
Managing Risk: Public Affairs and Enterprise Risk Management ReportThis report takes an in-depth look at the concept of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) — the effort by multiple functions to identify and manage political, operational, economic or governmental risks across the entire company. Designed to help corporate public affairs executives understand and participate in ERM, the report provides domestic and international case studies from Council member organizations.
The Jugaad Principle Conducting Business in India Report

The report relies on case studies and interviews with corporate practitioners and Indian experts to illustrate government relations practices in this important emerging economy. It examines topical issues and offers practical advice for navigating the Indian business landscape, such as how to set up a corporate government affairs function, hire a successful team and craft messages that will resonate with key India stakeholders.



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