Our experienced professionals are available to deliver customized presentations and facilitate planning sessions with your group. Staff can keynote your next event, facilitate a brainstorming or strategic planning meeting with your team, educate your business leaders or help motivate your contacts to get engaged in your public affairs programs.

We’ve crafted individualized training and education programs for public affairs teams, senior management retreats, staff meetings, association annual meetings, PAC boards, grassroots key contact training, country general manager meetings, and industry conferences . Below is a sampling of the topics that we’ve recently addressed and links to brief biographical sketches about our team. We can also make recommendations of other speakers who would be appropriate for your group.

For more information, to arrange for a staff member to speak to your group or for a referral to other speakers, please contact Sheree Anne Kelly at 202.787.5970 or via the email listed below.

 “Your participation in our program was a tremendous help. We hoped to increase PAC receipts by 10%, but they’re already up by 25%. We also increased PAC membership by 12%!”
– Beth Simon, Assistant Vice President and Senior Counsel, Unum

Below is just a small selection of topics we’ve covered in previous presentations. We can also customize a presentation to suit the needs of your organization.

Public Affairs — General

  • Showcasing Public Affairs Value
  • Why Public Affairs is More Important Than Ever
  • The Evolving Relationship Between Corporations and Governments
  • Trends in U.S. Public Affairs
  • Corporate Public Affairs Best Practices
  • How to Effectively Use Social Media for Public Affairs
  • Effective Strategies for Working with NGOs
  • Best Practices in Coalition Building
  • Best Practices for Public Affairs Management: Structure, Function and Resources
  • Issues Management
  • Creating Synergy Among All Public Affairs Functions
  • Public Affairs for Non-Public Affairs Executives

Government Relations

  • De-Mystifying Business-Government Relations
  • Corporate Government Relations Issues & Trends
  • Public Affairs and Corporate Citizenship: Finding Common Ground
  • Getting the Most Out of a Washington Office
  • State and Local Government Relations Winning Strategies
  • Best Practices in Advocacy
  • Effective Management of a Global Government Relations Function
  • Creating Political Advantage for Your Organization
  • Selling Your Political Program to Senior Management

Political Action Committees and Campaign Finance

  • Best Practices in PAC Fundraising/Communications
  • Campaign Finance Reform: What it Means for Your PAC
  • PACs’ Influence in the Elections
  • Fundraising Ideas for Your PAC
  • Creating an Effective PAC: Management and Best Practices
  • PAC Synergy with Government Affairs/Grassroots
  • PACs 101 — What They Are, Why You Have One, Why It’s Important
  • PAC Legal Overview
  • Measuring the Value of a PAC
  • Election-Year Political Strategies
  • PAC Board Training


  • Fly-In and Legislative Conference Training
  • Role-Playing Exercises for Capitol Hill Meetings
  • The Five Pillars of Grassroots
  • Launching Your Grassroots Program
  • Using Technology to Advance Your Political Efforts
  • How To Educate and Motivate Staff and Volunteers
  • Grassroots Advocate Training
  • Dos and Don’ts of Meeting with Legislators
  • Trends and Best Practices in Grassroots
  • Integrating your PAC and Grassroots Programs

Global Public Affairs

  • Global Public Affairs Trends
  • Best Practices for Managing Issues that Cross Borders
  • How to Build a Global Public Affairs Function from Scratch
  • The Basics of Lobbying in Brussels
  • Considerations for Staffing a Global Function
  • Strategic Planning for a Global Public Affairs Team
  • Melding Your Global Brand With Your Worldwide Public Affairs Efforts
  • Country General Manager Training


  • Developing a Strategic Communications Program
  • Integrating Communications with Government Relations
  • Integrating Philanthropy with your Corporate Communications Strategy
  • Maximizing Employee Communications
  • Melding Social Media and Traditional Communication Strategies
  • Reinventing Association Communications

Program Staff Biographies